cold as ice cream but still as sweet (rebel_waltz) wrote in thequestionclub,
cold as ice cream but still as sweet

my roommate is being a bitch again and she tossed the few little things i keep on the bathroom counter(while she keeps bottles and bottles of product and her entire make up bag there) into my drawer, including an expensive eye shadow that is now just a powder adding some glam to my tampons and drawer bottom.

am i right to ask her to replace it? it's Urban Decay(about $20 with tax) and one of the two colors i wear regularly. i'm really pissed.

she also decided to keep the paper towel in her room because i forgot to clean the toilet and the mirror(because we don't have anything for windows/mirrors and they aren't dirty) last weekend when i "did a lousy job on the bathroom." which i didn't! i bleached the sink, scrubbed down the tub and got rid of all her hair, which is everywhere.

should i keep the toilet paper i bought in my room?
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