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I received an email earlier asking me to fill out a form and send it with my resume for an office job I'd applied for online. When I first applied I'd filled out the exact same form as a .pdf and the version I was sent is an .rtf, when I open it in NeoOffice, OpenOffice for Mac, most of the text had changed to some ornate gothic looking font and I couldn't check any of the boxes needed to fill it out properly.

Should I reply to the person saying that I can't fill it out correctly as an .rtf and offer to send in a copy of the .pdf from their site; send in the .pdf explaining that I couldn't fill out the form in the format I was sent or wait until tomorrow when I can use the computers at uni to open it in Word and hopefully won't have the same problem?

DK/DC: What's something you're dreading?
I have one of my final exams tomorrow and while I've been revising and doing ok in the quizzes we've been set I'm still nervous as all hell.
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