getoffmeplease (getoffmeplease) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok, so a friend wants me to attend a medieval festival thing with her in July (I think..or August...). I need advice on what to wear. I have a couple of ideas. Bare in mind I can sew, so anything that's too difficult to purchase, I can just make.

The first option is to simply not dress up at all. But that's a bit boring.

I could dress up all medieval-like. I'm not a huge fan of the way the women dressed back then so I'd probably dress as a man.

Or I could somehow incorporate medieval features into a more modern outfit. So I'd look more "dressed-up" and less "costumey." This option seems like it would require a lot more thought/effort and would probably be more difficult to execute well.

Another idea I had is that it would be mildly amusing to go dressed as someone from a different era, say Victorian or Edwardian. The plus side to this is that I already have corsets and other clothing from around that time.

How do you think I should dress?
Do you have any other ideas?
Care to share your experiences in medieval-related events?
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