Stella (star_angel22) wrote in thequestionclub,

Another round of NAME THAT MOVIE!!

ok...its probably around 10 years old and these are the parts I remember:
(it could be two separate movies but I think it is one movie)
1. A light shines down on people before they are going to die and only this one guy can see the light, no one else can see it
2. The light shines down on the girl he loves and he has to save her from 'death', and they are at a cemetary at the end of the movie when he is trying to save her
3. When 'death' comes, it is a shape that comes out of the walls, like arms grabbing someone - it distorts the walls but doesnt break through the walls, if that makes sense. And it can come out from ANY wall whenever it wants, as well as stairs and land and flat things in general

I was TERRIFIED of this movie when I was younger, so scared that something was gonna come out of the wall and kill me...and every person i have ever described it to looks at me like I am nuts...if you could help me that would be AWESOME!!

Thanks :)

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