Erin Elizabeth (emeraldetoile) wrote in thequestionclub,
Erin Elizabeth

1. What was your favorite genre of toy as a child?
- For me it was American Girl Dolls, hands down.

2. What are some reasons you wished you stayed in bed today?
- Failed a statistics mid-term horribly, clutched my open notebook against my chest; forgot I had written in pencil so I wound up with pencil smudged all over the left breast of my oxford, and have yet another mid-term this afternoon.

3 Reasons you are glad you got out of bed today?
- UPS is supposed to be delivering my new digital camera today! I got to eat a very large plate of white cheddar shells and cheese. Mmm

4. For those in school, does your spring break begin this week or next? Are you going away?
- Mine starts this Friday, and I'm doing nothing special. Just spending it at home with my family and hopefully passing my road test.

5. What movie characters do you relate the most with?
- Holly Golightly and Annie Hall

6. I graduate from college on May 21st, and my graduation party will be held in June. I do not want themes like a luau or rodeo, but I was thinking of perhaps an "English garden party". I am hoping to attend graduate school in London, so it would be fitting, plus my house has massive gardens that always bloom nicely. Think that's tacky? What sort of food should we have catered?

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