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Yeah I'm a Whore... leave the moral comments to yourself please.

Ok. Here's the and me ex broke up, he CLAIMS all this chick did was give him oral and he got chlamydia from it. When we got back together, we used protection every single time. But one night the condom broke. The next day he found out he had chlamydia. He got his medicine (some powder shit you mix in water) that same day. This was on a Monday. Tuesday I went and got tested and took the medicine as well. We were suppose to wait a week before having sex again.

We didn't. We didn't use protection either. In fact, i think we only waited till like Thursday or Friday after i took the medicine before having sex again.

Here's my question. Is there a chance we've reinfected each other again or do you think that since we both had it (and there's the possibility i didn't have test results haven't come back yet) and both took the med, either way, the meds took care of it?

EDIT: maybe i shoulda just reworded that to say Yeah, I'm Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed. I didn't follow dr.'s advice and now we've both scheduled appts to get another dose.....thanks for the obvious advice anyhow.

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