aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

1. Approx how much per month do you spend to live? including rent, bills, food, misc.
If you don't live by myself, how many people in your household? Is this money for the whole household or just for you?

2. Approx how much do you save per month?

3. What do you usually save your money for? What future major purchases? (for example - house, car, vacation, etc)

4. Do you invest your money? If so, in what?

5. Do you think you're fiancially intelligent? Do you think you manage money well?

1. 610 rent, 100 bills (water, internet, electric), 200 food, misc 100-200. So total about 1000-1100ish
There's also tuition and books but ususally only pay that on certain months (about 3000/sem tuition, 300 books)
I live with my boyfriend and this is the amount for the both of us.

2. we try to save as much as we can, I can't say an exact amount. our incoming money is unstable (our money comes from online selling, his scholarships and loans, my parents, at this moment). we are very frugal and cheap though, so we save as much as we can. we cook a lot instead of going out to eat, clip coupons, bargain shop everywhere, go to the library instead of buying books/dvds, etc

3. ideally - i'd want to save up for vacation around europe, and wedding (although it won't happen for a few years, but good to start saving)

4. not yet, I will when I start working

5. I think I am financially smart and manage money decently. I try to save a lot and not spend money on silly things.

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