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Diverse? Accepted?

This is NOT homework, and I'm sure most or ALL of you can relate to it in some way, personal or not.

Today in class, we did something very interesting. We're writing essays on somethimg that sets our generation (people born about 1975-1990) apart from previous generations, and my topic is the diversity and social acceptence. So the professor had us write down three questions that related to our individual topic and go out on campus as ask random students in our generation those three questions. I found the results very intriging, and I wanted to get answers from more people (because we were only given time to ask three people) to get a better idea of ideas. Here's the three questions. (Please answer before you read the other people's answers. If you are part of the generation mentioned above I would appreciate it if you could answer. This is not homework- the work is done, I'm just asking for more personal interest):

*Do you feel that your generation is more socially diverse and accepting that previous generations? Explain.
Person A: No, we are repeating things from past generations, such as styles, and just giving them different names. But it is more difficult growing up today than it was in the past.
Person B:We are more diverse and accepting, but we are becoming more isolated than we were in the past. People are into themselves.
Person C:We are definately more diverse, but we are not accepting of each other as much as we think we are. We still make judgements and hate, but we try to deny it. We can have our opinions and our beliefs, but we need to show love to each other, and not hate each other because of our differences.

*Do you think social diversity and acceptence will change for the future generations? How?
Person A:No, it will repeat again.</b>
Person B: We will continue how we've been going: becoming more self-centered individuals, and more self-sufficient.
Person C: Yes, we will become more unaccepting.

*Has there ever been a time when you did not feel socially accepted because of something you couldn't/wouldn't change about yourself? (If you want to describe, I would appreciate it, but I understand it's hard for some people. Because of this question, I have set the comments to be screened, so you can write whatever you feel. I will make no judgements. If you do want me to unscreen your comment, please say so. Thank you.)
Person A: Yes. (Reasons kept private). But it's made such a positive impact in my life, I don't care if people judge. I wouldn't give it up just to stop people from judging me for it.
Person B: Yes, in high school. There was a lot of pressure to wear certain things, do certain things, and I just wasn't into those things. I wanted to be my own person.
Person C: Well, I'm white, female, Republican, and Christian. Most people don't like me for one of those things or another. But I am who I am, and I won't change because Joe Schmoe doesn't like it. I have friends and family, and God loves me, so I'm happy.

Thanks so much for asnwering. I'm really interested to see what the responses will be!

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