KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

4 questions (I keep thinking of questions to add)

3. Can a high fever cause the skin on your face/scalp to die and peel off, or would these two things happening at the same time just be coincidence?

2. What is it about strawberry leaves that makes cats go crazy? Is it related to catnip?

1. If you're not exactly a "well-maintained fashion-spending pretty person" and you went to an upscale salon to get a hairdo, waxing, pedicure, or what have you, did you get treated or serviced any differently than the normal clientele? Is this something I should worry about? This is a dumb question but I'm paranoid...

4. Would you feel disrespected if your boyfriend "revoked your laundry privleges" instead of calmly asking you to stop doing the laundry incorrectly?
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