Get on my horse, I'll take you round the universe! (frostycakes) wrote in thequestionclub,
Get on my horse, I'll take you round the universe!

more car problems :(

So after months of just not giving a shit that my truck was all janky, I finally broke and got my lower intake manifold gasket replaced (it was dumping coolant into my oil and generally making my driving life miserable). Everything went fine for about a day after the repair, but after that, my check engine light came back on again, the truck vibrates like crazy when it idles, my gas mileage has gone to shit, and it feels like someone stuck some engine half its actual size in there, it has no power anymore.

Any ideas this time? I'm on a 'fix this truck for dirt cheap by myself/with my mechanic buddy because I'm too broke to afford taking it in' kick, that and I need to get it in a working/non-check-engine light state so I can drive it back to Colorado and get emissions done so I can do my plates before my grace period ends.

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