It's a teeth optional situation (wookiewife) wrote in thequestionclub,
It's a teeth optional situation

There is a family of miniature panthers living in the jungle that is our front yard. They arrived last week (or they made themselves known last week, could have been in there for weeks prior).

TQC, what do I do?

There are three of them. They're really cute. Too bad they grow up to be cats.

I'm super mega allergic to cats. Like, touch one and my throat goes LOL BREATHING?! NOT FOR YOU!!! *closesup* So, you know, I can't go out and scoop them up, and even if I did, they can't be in the house.

But seriously, should I do anything? Let momma take care of it or call someone? No random cat has ever done this in my yard before, so I don't know WTF you're supposed to do.

EDIT: I'm having no luck finding a no-kill shelter that isn't at capacity in our area. I'm going to look further out and see if I can find someone that can drive them for me. Suggestions from TQC Silicon Valley/Bay Area folks would be appreciated.

And my mother-in-law thinks we should be feeding the momma. I really don't want the cats adopting us, so is that a really bad idea? (I told you, I don't know what to do.)

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