Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Purse suggestions

I am in desperate need of a useful purse. I used to use a messenger bag to throw my stuff in when out and about however I think it's time I've gotten something a bit more practical. I've recently gone back to school and at first I was able to just keep my things in my backpack however that isn't working so well anymore. A few weeks go I picked up a nice purse from target but it is already showing signs of ripping so I think I may have overloaded it/picked out a purse that wasn't right for me.

Some things about my taste...
- Favorite color is green. Specifically a yellow-green version of Chartreuse however I am ok with other shades of green.
- Black would also work and if it's really nice style and fit other colors too except white or beige as those just are no.
- I prefer purses with long straps as they are easier for me to keep on my shoulder while carrying things.
- I want something roomy and strong as I tend to carry random things. I don't really want something as big as my messenger bag but still I need a good size.
- I am not comfortable with spending a lot on a purse, never have before, but it looks like I'm going to have to spend around the $40 or $50 range to get something more durable.

Any suggestions on a specific purse or where to look would be greatly appreciated.

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