mistica81 (mistica81) wrote in thequestionclub,

two unrelated questions

1. why do you think that Alice in Wonderland has survived and is still in poplar culture consciousness? That is, that people are actually familiar with the story.
1. a. have you actually read any of the Alice stories by Carroll?
1. b. if not, how are you familiar with the story?
1. c. if you have read them, what were your opinions on them? When did you read them? Do you think this affected your opinion of them?
*This is purely for research purposes. I want to see if what I think about this holds true with other people's perceptions of the Alice stories.

2. what's the name of the song/ singer of the song from O Brother Where Art Thou? It's been driving me nuts. The song has been stuck in my head for days.
In advance, thank you for any thoughts on this!

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