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a few you are thequestionclub after all!!

1 - what is the weirdest food mixture that you know anyone to have eaten? i used to know a girl who would eat sandwiches with banana and mayonaisse!

2 - have you ever met up with someone you spoke to/met online? how did it go? see, i'm planning on meeting someone that lives nearby, we get on well alhtough we haven't spoke all that much. i'm pretty nervous...any tips anyone can give me? what if the conversation completely dries up?

3 - my hair is realllllyyy long and i go for the kind of punk/alternative look in fashion etc. any ideas as to what way i can style my hair for a change? i usually just leave it hanging loose

4 - what is your definition of a goth? i don't really have one yet

5 - what is your weirdest habit? probably sucking my thumb i think

6 - if you feel lazy and unmotivated, what do you do to make yourself more motivated to get things done?

7 - what songs do you want played at your funeral? probably flower of scotland or bohemian rhapsody!

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