Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense (sunday_silence) wrote in thequestionclub,
Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense

Is it porn or is it prostitution?

Hypothetical situation. Is prostitution legal in a case such as this? (US-centric, yes, and also ignoring many counties in Nevada.)

Someone opens a porn production facility. They have cameras, editing equipment, bedrooms, and female porn stars available for rental by their clientele.

A client comes in and books a room, equipment, and talent for $300-$3000 per hour. The client pays cash in advance, fill out all forms required by law to be kept on hand for pornographic material production (e.g. proof of age, etc.), picks out the talent, and then goes to one of the available rooms to produce the scene. The client finishes the scene and leaves with the master tape. End of deal.

The management's premise is that this is a legal porn production. So, how long before management gets busted and thrown in jail for running a brothel?

(And no. I'm not considering doing this myself. :) It was a question I saw posed on a legal board awhile ago that got no answers.)

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