_crying_avocado (_crying_avocado) wrote in thequestionclub,

I read this book a while ago, it was about a group of girls at a boarding school in Victorian England (I think, it was at least set in England, not too sure about the time frame). The girls are into the occult and dark magic, and one of them discovers that she has a talent for opening doors or something into some other place, that's like a paradise garden (maybe), and goes there frequently, but she shouldn't. The cover shows a close-up of a laced up corset. In the beginning of a book, there's a scene where the main girls mother is killed by some dark fluid thing, and there was something about an Indian guy. Green eyes were also important somehow? I think the name was something like "A dark and evil magic" or "A dark and deadly evil", but I could be really wrong. Anyways, does anyone know what book this is?

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