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A few questions...

1. For my computer graphics class, we're supposed to re-do a DVD case for a movie. We have to provide ourselves with empty DVD cases, and then we work on the paper part that has the title of the movie, etc. Which movie would you re-do? Right now, I'm leaning towards Little Shop of Horrors, but I'm not totally sure about that yet. Any ideas for Little Shop of Horrors are welcome, and other movie ideas are welcome as well. :)

2. Where are patterns for crafts you can make out of colored duct tape (preferably somewhere on the 'net)? I want to do something moderately difficult, but there is no place that has any well-diagrammed patterns like that. There are lots of places that sell things made out of duct tape, but no place has somewhere that explains how the stuff is made.

3. I hurt my foot on Wednesday. I iced it down on Wednesday, and it is much better now than what it was on Wednesday. It's still sensitive, but that's about it. What can I do to speed up the healing process? I've worn an ankle brace, but it didn't fit my foot properly (and it wouldn't have done any good, anyway). I'm wearing an ACE bandage right now, and it's helping a little bit. Are there any websites that explain how to wrap your foot in an ACE bandage (as opposed to wrapping an ankle)?

... and the toughest question last.

4. If a rabid dog jumped the fence into your yard should the owner be held responsible? Should the owner be held responsible if there are young kids and another dog in the yard? How about if the rabid dog killed another dog a few days prior? Should the owner of the rabid dog be held responsible? There's a reason for this question.

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