Mephistopheles (acatsoclever) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. My dermatologist told me not to use toner for a while. However, I was quite happy using this product called "Tea Tree Oil Freshener" in conjunction with my sensitive-skin-soap-that-isn't-soap to remove my makeup every day. So what is a good makeup-remover that is ok for very, very dry sensitive skin? I can not use anything astringent. Not wearing makeup isn't an option.

2. I use my laptop mainly as a desktop replacement and it would be nice to leave the (Li-ion) battery in the freezer to prolong its life. But when I take the big fat battery out, the laptop is rather wobbly on the desk. Is there a more stable solution to upright the computer, rather than propping it up with stationery items? I use Windows XP Home, if there's some way to leave the battery in but tell the computer to use AC power.

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