Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have an ipod mini and now, less than a year later the battery is crapping out on me.
I have taken it to best buy and had it sent to Apple to be fixed (we bought Best Buys repair plan) I asked them while there if they could just credit me what I paid and Id just purchase a 30gb because Ive heard of the battery problems with mini's. They said not unless it cant be fixed.
Well, I got it back (a month later) and it isnt fixed, when I picked it up from the store it wasnt charged and once I charged it I thought it was fine until I walked to class and it died 3 minutes into my walk. So, they obviously couldnt fix it, we dont have the replacement plan but do you think they'd do it anyway? They said they would but I recognize this is apple's fault.

I also live an hour away from the nearest Best Buy so going in repeatedly gets old...and expensive.

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