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Sooo, I'm home ailing

and I thought I would use this time to ask for advice.

I'm scheduled to do the children's story time at my local book store, and I need some kid's books recommendations. The audience varies in age from infant to pre-k, these litle monsters are usually accompanied by very judgemental nannies, and housemoms who won't hesitate to complain if story time isn't up to snuff. I'm filling in for a story lady who usually closes out the story time with a rock and roll song, and she's a tough act to follow.

So my official questions are,
What should I read to the monsters to keep them at bay?

What songs should we sing?

Should I try to include a popular music song, and if so, which song should we sing/dance?

Thanks much for all the suggestions so far, and all the suggeestions forthcoming.
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