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Random questions.

1. Ok, so, I was in a chatroom once and person A called person B 'Paranoid'. At that point, person C flipped out and started going on about how that was a terrible word. I believe it turned out that he wasn't a native english speaker and he thought it meant something other than what it actually did. So, does anyone know what word he might have been confusing it for? I'm lost.

2. What's an Al Bhed? All I know about it/them is a. they have awesome eyes and b. they're from some final fantasy game.

3. I have this skirt in a thin fabric with vertical, brightly-colored stripes. It's beautiful, but the problem is that I never wear skirts. I want to cut it up and do something with the fabric so that I get all the pretty without having to keep this stupid skirt around. Any ideas? It's about ankle-length and a medium/large adult size.

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