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dog questions

For those of you with dogs...
1. What kind of food do you feed them?
2. How much do they get?
3. How often are they fed?
4. Do they get any supplements?
5. Pictures?

1. My 7 year old beagle (Ginger) gets Solid Gold Holistique Blend, and my one and a half year old beagle (Kizzy) just gets Purina Dog Chow. I plan on switching her over to a different food soon (that's what she was eating at the humane society... I prefer feeding more natural foods without yeast, dyes, etc).
2/3. Ginger get's 3/4 cup twice a day, and Kizzy gets 1 cup twice a day.
4. Ginger gets Next Level (a liquid joint supplement)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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