Kermit the Frog (slice_it_open) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kermit the Frog

I work at a day camp as a counselor. Last summer, at another campus, a counselor broke her arm. So this year, they are requiring all employees to fill out a health form. On every health form that I've had to fill out, they ask you to list out every medication you are currently taking. I am currently on a mood stabalizer, but I'm not very comfortable with my boss knowing that. I can't really say that the medicine is for anything else, since its only other use is to prevent seizures...and I don't want them constantly worrying that I'm going to suddenly have a seizure. I also don't want them constantly worrying that I'm going to have an emotional breakdown either (which I won't be, I've been on these meds for over a year with no problems). I know that it's possible I could get fired if I lie, but I am almost positive that they won't know if I do. I know that I have secured this job and there's no chance of them denying me because of my meds (which shouldn't happen in a job, but I think it's still possible) and the job does not provide health insurance, they just need to have the health forms so they can tell the paramedics, should there be an emergency, if there would be any complications. Should I put my mood stabilizers down, or not?

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