Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,


I've been doing an internship for the last 5 months and there's a possibility that it will end next month. It was originally supposed to end April 6 but the manager likes me and wants to extend it to just under a year. HR has already approved the extension but the board of directors needs to as well.

I'm not going to bet all my money on the BoD approving it since they're trying to cut down on money, so I'm starting to hand out my resume to a couple companies and temp services.

Now because I'm merely an intern I can get a letter of recommendation. My manager already said she would love to do that for me. But I was wondering if I am allowed to get more letters of recommendation from other people I've worked more closely with?

I see my manager about 5 minutes at best a day and sometimes I don't see her at all. So I'm not sure how in depth her recommendation is actually going to be.

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