Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,


Has anyone ever gone on the same diet twice only to get different results?

This is my second time going on the south beach diet and I'm seeing absolutely no change in my body. The scale says I've lost 8 pounds (in 9 days) and I know that's waterweight but like I don't feel any slimmer or less heavy, but I've been using the same scale the whole time so...I don't know.

The last time I was on it during the summer, I could see the difference and I was excited and so I kept strictly to it.

The whole time I've been on it (sorry for making it sound like I've been on it for months and months when it's only been 8 days but they've been a long 9 days) people kept trying to be like "oh it won't hurt your diet to have some potatoes." "I made some enchiladas!" "I just made some homemade cake" "Holy god this homemade cake is the best thing I've ever had" they keep trying to tempt but I refuse. I haven't strayed. But I'm just feeling more and more utterly depressed and my stomach is always hurting.

It just sucks, I'm not happy ahha.

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