Kat (house_of_bone) wrote in thequestionclub,

Informing the family- what's the process?

Watching CSI always leads me to ask strange (and usually kinda morbid) questions. I know not everything on the show is accurate. And I've tried Googling these questions, but from what I hear, the protocol changes from place to place and situation to situation. So, what do you know about the following things?

1) If a person dies in an accident, murder, etc. who informs the family? A random police officer? Some specially trained officer who deals exclusively in notifying families?
2) How do they inform the family? On TV, two officers always come to the door and tell the family, but I've also heard of people just getting phone calls to come identify a body.
3) It would seem to me that just coming to your door or calling and saying "Your loved one is dead" might lead to a case of mistaken identity. What if it's not really their loved one? Are families asked just to come with the officers and identify a body, without being told exactly whose body they may be identifying?

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