roadtojoy_ (roadtojoy_) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm having a strangely death-full week so far and I have no idea how to comfort these people.

Last weekend, one of my friend's cousins was murdered. He is not exactly my closest friend, but I think he's a great guy and I really care about him, but I have absolutely no idea what to say. Being 16, I haven't had much experience with death and grief.

Also, my other guy friend, Max's, birth mother died last night. Max is adopted or in foster care I think, and his parents are really strict. I was totally shocked that they made him come to school today considering his mother had died. I can tell he is really upset (he just got up and left class for 15 or so minutes after telling me he didn't want to start crying in class like he had a few hours ago), and I want to help, but yet again I have no idea of how to handle this type of situation.

Any type of suggestions on helping my friends through this time would be really great.

Thank you.

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