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So, there's this kid.

Socially awkward. Totally inept at human contact. Except, hey, he's very clever and witty online (makes me wonder about some of you...) and whatnot. He wouldn't be ugly if he tried to put any effort into his apperance. Like showers or soap or clean clothes.

I never liked him much. I don't like people who are very different in real life than how they are online. But I tolerated him and could joke around with him when we were hanging out in our group of friends.

So, now we get to the relevant information.

He's head over heels for this girl who is way out of his league. She's gorgeous, intelligent, and terribly sweet - too sweet. She can't bring herself to tell him to fuck off. He's been pining away for oh, nearly two years now? But just recently he found out that two girls had crushes on him (don't ask me why, I find him to be amazingly repulsive) and decided to date the 'cuter' one. They've barely been going out a week. He asks said girl, who is adorable and sweet and almost illegally young, if she will give him a handjob. She said yes, despite not really wanting to. Now here's the question...

Do I have the right to punch this kid in the face? I mean, I've wanted to do it before what with all his constant moping and annoying as fuck repeated 'funny' phrases and comebacks, but now he pressured his barely girlfriend into getting him off even though they'd barely been dating at all and there is ZERO emotional attachment on his part. Or should I do something more along the lines of kick in the balls and flay alive?

edit: To clarify, because everyone's all uppity, I'm more concerned with the notion that the asking for sexual favors won't be stopping any time soon. And she's not likely to grow a backbone. Which sounds harsh, but hey. I suppose yeah, I could keep my nose out of it. But if you were a really naive, eager to please teen girl and you were just pressured into giving a handjob and were afraid of being pressured further, wouldn't you want someone to step in? If she said anything like, 'back off', I would. I just would like to have one less female in the world who does not have an unhealthy relationship when it comes to sex.
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