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College! It's crazy!

I am a high school senior about to graduate in two months, and I've basically got two choices as to what I can do for college.

The first option is go to an instate university (Marshall) with a science college that has my preferred major (geology), and just get a bachelor's there and start working after that. The school is an hour away from where I live now, so I'd have to live on campus and put up with a lot of the people from high school I no longer get along with. It wouldn't be outrageously expensive, and I know the school is not too particularly challenging.

The second option is to go to a private university (University of Charleston) in my hometown that does not have my major, get a degree in something useful in terms of a future career in geology, and then go to graduate school somewhere for a higher degree in what I want. I get scholarships for being in the university's high school collaborative program, but the school will still be expensive, and I'll have to continue living with my dad while I'm there. Not to mention the added expense of graduate school.

What would you do?
Any suggestions?
For those of you in college now, what are you doing?
Is it too late to move to South America and live off the forest?

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