Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

cheese bread recipe?

The biggest thing I remember from high school (funny that it was just 2 years ago) is the cheese bread at lunch every Friday. Holy crap, it was like the only good thing they made.

Basically it was rolled up so when you looked at it, it looked like a spiral (think of a cinnamon roll) with cheese melted on top of it. You'd dip it in marinara sauce and it was delicious and then when you got into the middle, there'd be a big goo of various cheeses.

Does anyone know of ANY recipe like this? I want to make it sometime and it's killing me haha. I've looked through and I can mostly find recipes for the breadmaker, or used on french bread with cheese put on top.

I want a spiral damn it! I want to surprise myself and ahhhh tasty.

Sorry, on the South Beach diet (going on the second week) and food's driving me crazy. I keep thinking of everything that's utterly tasty and yummy and I just convince myself that I can have it not too long from now :)

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