julie (yeuxverts) wrote in thequestionclub,

questions about changing my name

so i am about to go to court to finalize my divorce and i need to decide what to do about my last name. i'm definitely not keeping his (even though i really like and am used to it now)and i don't know that i really want to go back to my maiden name - 1) i don't LIKE it and 2) i'm not particularly close with my family anyway. i thought about taking an older family name but i didn't like those either. my best friend and i spent a long time thinking of potential new last names for me and i settled on one that i really like: st. pierre (don't ask me why, i don't know!)

so my questions:

1. what would you think of someone in my situation who just out of the blue chose a totally random new last name? would you think i was a total weirdo?
2. if your last name was st. pierre and you learned that some weirdo like me had just picked it, would you feel offended/possessive of your last name, and possibly annoyed that i had "stolen" it?
3. when you have a last name that starts with "St.", is there ever a time when you actually spell out the word "saint", like on your driver's license or signature or anything, or is it ALWAYS just "st."?
4. if someone in your family made this decision, would you feel offended, as if they were turning their back on your family and saying they didn't want to be a part of it anymore by giving up the family name?
5. what would my initials be? would they be JS, JP, or JSP?
6. do you have a last name that starts with "st."? what are the pros and cons of such a last name?


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