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Based on a recent post, if you were fine with having an interracial relationship, how do you think your family/friends would feel?

Do you think there's a generational difference when it comes to multiculturalism and race relations?

If so, why do you think this generational difference exists? What brought it about?

When do you think you first took on your attitude of race tolerance/intolerance?

I like the idea of interracial couples. Like Bulworth said, we all have to f*** until we're all the same color. BUT, I know my parents, my mother in particular, would have throw an absolute fit if I had brought home anyone with a different skin tone. It's one of those things that I'm really uncomfortable with when around my family. My grandparents were definitely racist, and my mother learned from them. (Then again, my grandmother just hated everyone that wasn't her, but whatever.) I can't say I didn't repeat certain things when I was younger and before I knew what they meant, but at some point it became highly embarrassing to hear anyone I knew say anything derogative about another race or culture. I don't know when the change happened.

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