I'm gonna show you ... that a woman can be tough (angeleyes2699) wrote in thequestionclub,
I'm gonna show you ... that a woman can be tough

Minor Injury - hospital or clinic?

Edit: I've decided to go to the hospital and get it checked out -- that way I can save myself a trip! Thanks!

We had a lot of freezing rain last night, and I fell on the concrete walkway as soon as I left my apartment building this morning. I banged my left elbow pretty bad, and I can't lift anything with my left hand. It hurts to strighten out and to bend my arm, but I can still rotate it, so I know I didn't break anything. It basically feels like a bad sprain of sorts.

Should I go to outpatients (aka the hospital, where I can it x-rayed if need be) to get it checked out, or should I just go to the nearby clinic (since I'm pretty sure an x-ray is not necessary, but the doc may still want one)?

I just don't want to waste anyone's time, but seeing a doctor would help my case if I need to take a few days off from work.
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