emily (emilycup) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I need some parent-related advice! Sorry for the tl;dr :(

I'm 18 and in college, but I'm done till the fall semester so I am living at home with my mom. A week ago I got in some trouble which resulted in me getting a ticket for having a pipe with marijuana resin on it, which was $300 that I am paying her back for in parts out of my paychecks.
Anyways, mom was pretty pissed for good reason and gave me a list of rules/chores I need to do to keep living here and as a kind of punishment I guess for getting the ticket. Most of the things are reasonable like litter boxes every day and vacuuming and all that but she also decided to give me an 11 pm curfew. I'm having serious trouble with it b/c well, I'm 18 so I don't have a legal curfew, and I spend the day by myself at home or working so I like to see people at night. I've been getting really lonely at home all day :( Mom and I have been getting along, I'm doing all my chores, things are going good but I really want to discuss the curfew with her and see if I can extend it or get rid of it. My reasoning is basically that she wants me to act like an adult so I feel she needs to treat me like one. That's the only argument I have though, beyond that I'm a good kid, that was the first time I have ever gotten into trouble, and I expressed a lot of remorse from it. So TQC, what do you think? Does negotiating with her sound doable? What else could I possibly say to convince her? Or should I deal with the curfew and stay home until she comes to me about it? 
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