aytherestherub (aytherestherub) wrote in thequestionclub,


Not long ago, I had a boyfriend who was very passionate and dedicated to me, a private practice that was running smoothly, a nice apartment and an adorable cat. We were planning on getting engaged, then married, having kids and buying a house.

Two Sundays ago, suddenly he decided he did not love me anymore. I had to leave the apartment and the cat. I closed the practice, because I couldn't do it anymore. I do not have a place to live, I am staying on friends couches when I can and all of my stuff is packed into my trunk, with a pillow and blanket in the backseat.

What would you do in this situation? I have some money, not a lot. What should I do?

So far I think maybe I will become a gypsie, or a carnie, or I will go to Hollywood and try to find a movie star and make them fall in love with me. Any answers please. Thank you TQC.
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