BeeKay (ninerfan_11) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I'm applying for jobs at different colleges right now, particularly in the northeastern U.S. All the jobs are in the residence life departments of the schools. I'm wondering if any of you are familiar with any of the following institutions, and what you might be able to tell me about them from a personal point of view?

Of course, i've done my research online, but you don't always get that personal perspective by online research.

1. Kent State Univ. (OH)
2. Lebanon Valley College (PA)
3. Oberlin College (OH)
4. Slippery Rock Univ. (PA)
5. West Va. Wesleyan College (W.VA)
6. Binghamton Univ. (NY)
7. Case Western Reserve Univ. (OH)
8. Goucher College (MD)
9. Medaille College (NY)
10. Univ. of New Hampshire (NH)
11. Univ. of Pittsburgh (PA)

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