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please help me with mi espanol, gracias

Would anyone like to find it in their heart to help me with my Spanish report? I'm just learning the language and had to write a report about Christina Aguilera in Spanish. I've written most of the report. I just need someone to proofread it and change any errors. There's probably a lot. But I would really greatly appreciate it.


recommend a different community I should ask for help in.

Things in parenthesis I didn't know how to translate.

Christina Maria Aguilera nacida el 19 de deciembre, 1980. Ella es cantante. Ella vivo en Texas y Japan. Ella crior en Wexford, Pennsylvania. (today) domicilio actual Hollywood Hills, California.
Ella apodos Chrissy, Christi, y X-Tina. Ella tiene rubia pelo. Ella tiene azul ojos. Ella es cinco pies y dos pulgadas.

Su padre es Fausto Aguilera. El es entonces militar. El es de Ecuador. Su madre es Shelly Loraine Fidler. Ella era un violinista. Ella es de German y Irish. Su padres estan dicorciados. Su padrastro es Jim Kearns. Ella tiene hermano Michael, hermana Rachel, hermanastro Casey, y hermanastra Stephanie.

Ella (went to) Rochester Area Elementary School. Ella (went to) Marshall Middle School y Ingomar Middle School en Wexford. Ella graduare de North Allegheny High School en 1999. Su asignaturas favoritas en colegio (were) ingles y ciencias. Su pastiempos preferidos (were) ver la tele, jugar al tenis de mesa, salir a bailar con sus amigos, y pasear a sus perros.

A los ocho anos aparecio en el programa “Star Search.” A los diez anos canto el himno nacional para los Pittsburgh Steller, Pittsburgh Penguins, y Pittsburgh Pirates. A los 12 anos ingresa en “The New Mickey Mouse Club.” Ella co-estrella (with) Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, y Keri Russell.

Ella (was) influido por Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Etta James, y Billie Holiday. Ella tiene registro de cuatro octavas.

Su grande oportunidad (was) canta “Reflection” de la pelicula de Disney “Mulan.” Entonces firmo por RCA Records. Su primer single de exito (was) “Genie In A Bottle.”

Su primer disco llego a ser platino diez veces. Ella grabar cuatro discos. Su (other) discos (are) Just Be Free, Mi Reflejo, My Kind of Christmas, y Stripped. Ella es trabajar (on another) ingles disco, (due en May, 2006.) Tambien, ella es trabajar (on another) espanol disco.

Ella conducir el Cadillac SUV y Cadillac Range Rover. Su deportes favoritas (are) beisbol y voleibol. Ella tiene dos perros, Chewy y Stinky.

These next things I have not translated yet, if you'd like to help..
1. She has performed with...
2. She has been nominated for six Grammy’s.
3. She has won many awards. She won a Grammy for best new artist. She has also won two MTV Video Music Awards, two VH1 Awards, and a Teen Choice Award.
4. She has a very powerful voice. She can sing acapella very well.
5. She has four tattoos. They are on her left waist, on her left wrist, and on her arm.
6. She is a spokesperson for...
7. It is not true that she dated Fred Durst or Enrique Iglesias.
8. She dated Jorge Santos for two years. He was a Latin dancer.
9. She dated Jordan Bratman for three years. They got married.
10. She wants to be an actress. She wants roles like Angelina Jolie.

Now I don't know how I can repay you.. um. Maybe I will try to draw a picture for you.

thanks darlings :)
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