_crying_avocado (_crying_avocado) wrote in thequestionclub,

VERY odd question

I have this thing about veins. Mine itch a lot. It's worst on the inside of my elbow crooks, between my fingers (I know there aren't ACTUALLY veins there, but it feels like it), and the backs of my knees. I'm pretty sure it's not a physical thing, that it's psychological somehow? My veins/whatever in those places feel like ants are crawling through them more than half of the time. I've been scratching the inside of my elbow constantly and getting strange looks about it, and a lot of the time I want to slice into my skin and pull them out because I hate the thought of them being in there, visible, under my skin. I'm not that crazy though, don't worry.

Um, so does anyone have something similar that they experience? Or does anyone know what this might be caused by or how I can get rid of it?

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