Cristina! (cris629) wrote in thequestionclub,

who wants to do my homework for me?!

Rituals are meaningful, emotionally-engaged actions performed by members of a group. In traditional societies, where members share common beliefs and values, the meaning of a ritual is obvious. In pluralistic societies, where emphasis is on the individual, it is more difficult to determine the meaning of a ritual. Give examples of two traditional societies and their rituals. Give examples of two pluralistic societies and their indeterminate rituals (rituals which are less solidly ingrained in the society, or which can have more than one interpretation). Then state what you consider to be the benefits and/or costs of these rituals to their societies and the individuals within the societies.

ok, so maybe not do it, but what are some traditional and pluralistic societies? i've got japan and the us already... for yall that are worldwide (not in the blasted us)... what do you consider your society? what are your rituals?

help me?

also, so as not to be totally selfserving in this post... what are you having for dinner?

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