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please sir, i want some more!

a. I'm singing at a wedding reception on Saturday. Not like, singing one song dedicated to the newlywed couple, but singing with the keyboardist who I assume is sequencing everything... I'm not sure. Either way, it's gonna be a rockin' good time, but what the hell am I gonna wear? I'm thinking my nice jeans, a dress shirt, and a blazer, but I could be wrong.

b. I'm learning to play guitar. I'm sort of... impatient. I already know how to play piano, so it's frustrating as all get out to not be proficient at making music on this six stringed thing. However, a couple of my favorite songs require a capo and I don't have one. Even though I only know a few chords but have the motivation to learn some more complex fingerpicking stuff, should I go ahead and pick one up or would it just be a waste at this point?
ETA -- do i need a special capo for a D neck guitar?

c. How long has it been since YOU had a school lunch? I had my first school lunch in 5 1/2 years today with the pre-k early intervention class I observed. Grilled cheese and vegetable soup with an apple and a chocolate chip cookie. Ain't nothing better.
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