Jess (thejoysofjess) wrote in thequestionclub,

Questions that occured to me at work

1. Are you one of those people who takes 30 napkins and then leaves 28 on the table because you never needed 30 to begin with? Why do you do this?

2. Would you ever use the napkins that had been sitting on the table?

3. What is quite so hard about getting sugar into a 3-inch diameter coffee cup?

4. If you wanted food, and the line was out the door and around the corner, would you stand in it? Our line often wraps throughout the store, out the door, and about 10 feet outside (somtimes more). I can never quite believe why people stand in it. (The place in question is a fastfood restaurant with an average wait time of 6 minutes on a small line and 18 on a line that is out the door).

1. No, that drives me nuts.

2. No, because for all I know, they have been used or sneezed on or whatever.

4. No, it's not DisneyWorld, it's a food shop.

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