Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Fish question: Why, oh why, will spatter not eat the food i specifically bought to make his fins all pretty? Eat the bloodworms, spatter. they're good for you. (he still eats the other food.. but he spits the bloodworms out.)

2. Strategy question: My dorm is holding a game... if you saw the oldish movie Gotcha, kinda like that. I've registed, I have an ID number, any minute now the website will open and i can put my ID number in. I'll be assigned a total stranger, and I am to hunt this person down and whap them with a plastic spoon. Then, this person will give me the information for the person -they- were going after, and I'll hunt that person down... All this while not getting hit myself.
I've already removed my picture and room number and class list from my facebook profile, and made it so only my friends can find it. Any more suggestions? (ideas for coaxing strangers out of their rooms would be nice, as one's own room is a safe zone)

3. Girly question: I'm kindof stunned that billions of years of evolution and our own bodies can still spontaneously disease themselves. I have a yeast infection. Medicine is gross, right. the question: When it oozes out over the course of the next day when I wake up, some of it's coming out various shades of a pink/orange colour. Please tell me this is just some sort of normal thing, like a chemical reaction of girly slime vs. white medicinal slime?

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