Laura (bandie528) wrote in thequestionclub,


My friend works at an airport, so he sees tons and tons of people everyday. And, you know how style is these days, teenage to low 20 year old girls like to wear shirts to show off midriffs, etc.

He asked me a question last night. He said that he noticed that on a lot of these girls, there's a scar on their back that's about 6 inches long running vertically along their spine. Like, right where their spine is. On a lot of the girls.

He asked me what it's from, because I'm in that age group. I have absolutely no idea.

Does anyone know why people, notably a late teen/early 20 year old girls, would have a 6 inch scar running along their spines on their backs?

It's very likely guys have this scar too, he just can't tell because, well, guys don't go around airports showing off their tummies and backs. ;-)

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