The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in thequestionclub,
The New Bubble Girl

TQC, I have a dilemma.

My grandma has Alzheimers and lives with us, in the apartment under ours. I usually put her to bed around eight or nine, but I'm sick today with a head cold. I don't want to get her sick, so I don't want to go down there, but she won't really know it's time for bed if I don't. My dad's out until ten thirty or so and I don't want him coming home and seeing that she's still up, because he'll pitch a fit about it. What to do?

DK/DC: Do you have a favorite tea? Ever notice how these DK/DC questions usually have to do with food? I think that's funny. Oh, and got reccs for any funny sitcoms I could watch on Netflix Instant?
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