Miss Chanandler Bong (schexyschteve) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Chanandler Bong

I had a hair trial for my wedding.

Definitely not happy with it. I know she was just doing a loose trial, but the more I think about it, the more I hate it. I just have no idea what to do with my hair.

This is one of the inspiration pics I brought in:

This is what I got:



She used my own natural curls, so the curls would be tighter on the day of.

This is what I usually look like (my hair's a smidge longer):

Do I schedule another hair trial with her, and we try other things? I just have no idea what to do. I want to feel good about my hair, and I definitely don't right now. I don't want this to end up like my senior prom, where I got my hair done, hated it and sobbed, and ended up washing it out and redoing it terribly myself at home. I think part of why I dislike it is because my forehead is very exposed, and I would like to cover it?I *really* need a haircut, but I feel like if I get one, I'm not gonna be happy with my hair the day of the wedding, because I feel like I need longer hair to have a nice updo. Damn wedding industrial complex. Should I ask for a haircut, and then do a trial?
These are some other inspiration pics I have:

What do you think? People who are good with hair, please help!
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