Gerald Washington (alpacacock) wrote in thequestionclub,
Gerald Washington

Yay I can post again!

A friend has an issue that has come up involving a recorded witness statement and I thought someone here may be able to shed some light on it. Here is the scenario:

They have a CD received directly from the source that took a witness statement. The recording on this disc appears to be completely unadulterated.

They have a second CD of the same recording which they received from someone who intends to use it as evidence. An important section of the recording is missing - the recording jumps over about a 10 second span starting at the end of one sentence and starts back at the beginning of another so that it all seems to flow together. If you didn't know that there was additional material that should have been there, you wouldn't know that anything was missing.

The question: is it possible for such a thing to happen accidently when copying a digital recording (a .wav file I believe) or would it have to have occurred intentionally?
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