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Loud Banging Noises

At least five times in the last hour and a half, my roommate and I have heard loud banging noises on our roof. We live in a townhouse complex, where there are other units on two sides of us, and then one side with all of our windows, and the fourth side connects to an interior common hallway. We don't have any units above or below us. We're in the middle of the row - that is, there are two south of us and two north of us, and then there are correspondingly five more units on the other side of the hallway.

We've heard these noises before too, and have no clue what is causing them. It isn't snowing, or windy, nor are there any trees near where the banging is happening. And it is really loud and strong - it kind of shook my floor a little once, and sounds like it is almost cracking the roof. It's like a 300-pound man is jumping on the roof. I wouldn't think that there would be any sort of repairpeople up there at midnight on a Sunday night, nor is the roof easily accessible to any pranksters - it would require putting up ladders and whatnot, which would be kind of obvious.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?
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