Jennie (krnchunsaxp) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Stupidest/most ridiculous thing you (or your friends) have done when drunk?

2. If you had a truth serum (like in Harry Potter!), and you were allowed to use it on three people - who would you use it on & why? - what would you ask them?

3. Best prank you've ever pulled?

1. My friend got locked in his room, couldn't figure out how to unlock the door, & decided that jumping out of his third story window was the best option to get out. Surprisingly, he managed only to break a leg...

a. my ex. he was such a manipulative liar, never really got the truth out of him...
b. the Director of the CIA... finding out all the government secrets would be pretty awesome.
c. my roommates. I swear someone's stealing my Vitamin Water. gahh. =]

3. My friend is pretty flakey/ditsy and loses everything. So two weeks before her birthday, we started stealing things from her room. It started off as small, little things that she wouldn't really notice (her toothpaste cap, face lotion, poster off her wall, etc.) & it got progressively worse & more noticeable throughout the days ... (her shower shoes, chair, pillow, etc.) Each day, we would take a picture of her item at random places on campus & send her the picture through an anonymous email account... She started going crazy accusing everyone & trying to figure out where things were. Also, she would think that stuff she actually *did lose* were stolen... For her birthday, we wrapped up each stolen item & gave it back to her ;)

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