little cauliflower (xmorningxrosex) wrote in thequestionclub,
little cauliflower

$500 gift

If someone was going to buy you a present that cost around $500, and it was an actual item (meaning, not money you could use for bills or put in savings), what would you buy?

My mom and other mom were going to buy my sisters and I gifts around that price this year in honor of our golden birthdays and college graduations.  My other mother died, so now my mom wants to still buy us something big, but in honor of our bdays, graduations, and in memory of our other mother.  One sister already picked out a diamond ring, and my other sister and I will probably pick out some piece of jewelry, but I can't decide what to get for that amount and something big that I'll remember my whole life (so not like a bunch of clothes or something).  What would you get if someone offered to buy you a $500 item in honor of some big event in your life? 
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