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puredeadthingy and I are trying to find a community on lj. It was based around Harry Potter, and was basically a glorified RPG. As she describes it—

-The premise was about characters writing letters to each other.
-It had characters from different time periods.
-It was aimed to be a Sirius/Remus plot last time I looked.
-I think it had a 'q' in the name was a longish name and hard to spell.
-The characters sometimes signed their names with a graphic of their signature--Tonks' one was very splotchy, for example.
-Luna wrote letters to her mother.
-Remus had an Italian friend he wrote to.
-Lily wrote to Bellatrix/Narcissa, and the two 'bonded' over Lily's Potions work until it was revealed she was Muggleborn.
-One of the Hufflepuffs' icons was of a line-drawn girl holding an umbrella in the rain. The rain was animated. Her lj name started with 'h4...'

We've determined it's not the shoebox_project . . . does anyone here know what it is?

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